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Exam times can be stressful! We would like to help you prepare for your exams with these handy downloads. Whether you need worksheets to help you understand the work, tutorial videos or exam papers and their memorandums for a mock-up exam, we've got you covered. And the best thing about these downloads are that they are FREE! We know that you can do it and we want to support you all the way.

Department of Basic Education

Download past exam papers and memorandums

Grade 12's, prepare yourself for the upcoming National Senior Certificate with these handy downloads. The downloads include previous exam papers and memorandums. Kindly provided by the Department of Basic Education. For tips on how to prepare for your exams using previous exam papers click here.


Paper Video

Download past exam papers and watch the video tutorials on each question

If you want to go through specific questions in a question paper step by step, these unique solution videos can help give you a more in-depth understanding. It's like having your own personal tutor.



Download past exam papers and worksheets

The Eskom education programme is aimed at increasing awareness of electricity as a scarce and valuable resource, in very practical ways amongst children. It also incorporates energy efficiency into the educators’ lesson plans.
This section has downloads for both educators and learners.


Hello Tutor

Watch Maths, Science and Accounting video tutorials – Grade 8 to Grade 12

Access Hello Tutor’s library of Maths, Science and Accounting video tutorials to help you with your homework. You can search any curriculum theme in these subjects and choose from a variety of tutorial videos by top South African teachers. The lessons are presented in English, Zulu or Afrikaans.



StudyChamp provide useful worksheets, tests and exam papers for Grade 1 to 8 learners

These documents are designed and developed by a team of qualified and passionate teachers to help your children apply, organise and critically evaluate concepts in the comfort of your home.


Teacher Sharing

Teachers are constantly developing brilliant classroom resources

Sharing these resources with other teachers could create a valuable resource bank and save teachers time when they prepare their lessons.


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