Live an organised life with Macaroon - personalised social stationery, planning and organisation solutions with a colourful fresh twist.

Introducing Macaroon ­ - your one-stop online shop for personalised social stationery, planning and organisation solutions with a colourful fresh twist.

Created in 2010, Macaroon was born from the desire to merge the traditional values of letter writing, gift giving, and a passion for organisation, with the latest in modern technology; thus making organisation fun, beautiful and accessible to a broader market.

At Macaroon, we see stationery as an extension of your personal style and personal brand. We also believe that an organised home is a happy home and that living an organised life creates more time to do the things you enjoy. Through our gorgeous range of bespoke social stationery, planning and organisation solutions, Macaroon allows our clients to define their personal brand and to live a colourfully organised life.

Our varied and extensive product offering will leave you spoilt for choice. Whether it is personalised stationery, invitations, home organisation solutions, diaries, planners, labelling systems, or Macaroon's trademark personalised gifts you are looking for, we offer product and design choice for everyone. Stunning designs combine with your personal photographs to provide you with individualised stationery solutions that you will create yourself with our slick on-line system.

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