A+ Students

Fun Whole Brain Training: The Ancient Japanese Way

How does A+ Students work?

A+ Students is a whole-brain development course aimed at children from 2 ½ years. We offer 3 age-appropriate courses: Mini Soroban from Grade RRRR to Grade RR, Kids Soroban from Grade R to 3 and Soroban Master from Grade 4 to 6.

A+ Students Courses = Japanese Soroban Education + Chinese Geometry Tangrams + Multiplication Tables + School Maths Grade R to 3based on the Oxford, Cambridge and Caps curriculum content.

These lessons are offered by sensei's (teachers). The skill of the Soroban (Japanese Abacus) is taught in a way which is similar to learning piano or chess. The programme helps children to develop both their left and right brain capabilities. A+ Students boosts self-confidence, improves memory power, improves concentration, enhances problem solving capability and creativity, and develops fine and gross motor skills to name a few. Our aim is creating a love for Maths.

What we do in the Classroom?

Our approach is "learning through play"

Our lessons are interactive, physical and great fun. The maximum class size is 7 learners per 45min or 1 hour session in the classroom. We do Brain Gym, fun brain development activities and games, develop the Soroban skills, develop Anzan (mental Arithmetic) skills, practice dictation, flashcards and school maths introduced as games and more.

Competitions and International Affiliations

A+ Students students become eligible to participate in our annual regional and national competitions.

A+ Students's non-profit sister company, PAMA South Africa is an approved member of the Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce. The main objective of all our children is to represent South Africa at the annual international PAMA competition which is held in a different country every year. This competition allows children and their families to gain some international exposure.

A+ Students also attends an annual international ISDF Soroban Camp in Japan. This is yet another opportunity for children to travel, learn from the Japanese masters and make new friends from across the globe.

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