Sister Sonja Sauer

Cred Card

Registered Occupational Health Nurse


I am primarily a registered nurse by profession since 1982. In 1999 I started specializing in Occupational Health where the emphasis shifted from pure patient care to employee health and wellbeing.

In 2009 I started working for the University of Pretoria where I established an Occupational Health Centre for employees where all employees are subjected to a medical surveillance program depending on the occupational hazards and risks they are exposed to during their course of their work life.

Being part of the academic environment, I enrolled as a student in 2012 and completed a B Cur I et A with majors in Nursing Education, Nursing Administration and Industrial Psychology in 2014.

Throughout my professional life it became second nature to educate people regarding health issues in order to ensure an optimal state of health and wellbeing within larger communities. It is extremely satisfying to empower people with the relevant information, knowledge and tools to be able to make responsible choices and take care of their own health, as well as emergency situations they may encounter.

This platform gives me the ideal opportunity to involve a larger population with my effort. I am very grateful to MOMENTUM HEALTH for the opportunity to do so. And hope to contribute even more in future.

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