Casha Meintjes

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Behavioural Optometrist

Casha Meintjes is a member of the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists and leads a team of Optometrists and Vision Therapists in three of her optometric practices in Johannesburg.

Eyetek Optometrists specialise in Behavioural Optometry, a whole-body approach to vision care. Behavioural optometrists understand that the way we interpret what we see, does not depend solely on how clear the eyesight is. Behavioural Optometrists will not only consider the treatment of any eyesight difficulties but also the benefits of prevention, protection and enhancement of the visual system in order to improve all aspects of visual performance.

The goals of behavioural optometry are to prevent vision problems from developing, to provide treatment for existing vision problems and to develop and enhance the visual skills needed in the classroom, the workplace or when playing sport.

Eyetek has a special interest in particular areas of practice such as children’s vision, education, reading and learning difficulties. All practices provide functional vision examinations for patients of all ages as well as multisensory vision therapy through a team of trained therapists. Eyetek also specialises in neuro-optometric examinations and neuro-rehabilitation for patients following stroke and head injury.

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