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A unique revision resource.


Paper Video is a set of unique revision resources that give South African students access to quality, experienced teachers for the specific exam questions they’re struggling with.

Our resources make it possible for parents to wave goodbye to overpriced and under-qualified private tutors.

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We create books of past exam papers in the subjects of Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Accounting with one crucial difference: every question in our exams is linked to a video solution, taught by an experienced South African teacher, showing students how to get the correct answer, step by step.

Every book contains links to literally hundreds of video solutions that amount to dozens of hours of teaching time. These videos are accessible online (via our website or app) OR offline (via our DVD packs or SD cards).

In this way, any student in South Africa with an internet connection, smart phone or a DVD player can gain access to a quality teacher for the specific exam questions they are struggling with.

Every solution video takes students step by step through the problem, including the theory and concepts they would need to achieve a greater understanding.

It’s like having your own personal teacher, on call, 24/7!


Our teachers have all had more than 5 years of experience at some of the best schools in South Africa, ranging from Westerford High School in Cape Town, to Parktown Boys’ High School in Johannesburg:

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