Anne-Marie Stanisavljevic

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Managing Director of The Education Agency


In the process of completing a B Com Business Management, the last 3 years I was involved in selling a successful technology business and building an education business.

My passion for the education industry, combined with my intrigue for technology solutions, brought about a very unique and innovative product that assists the South African youth of today with critical career decisions.

Inadequate career guidance results in learners leaving school with only a vague knowledge of employment opportunities, little insight of career direction and students who undertake a tertiary qualification, irrespective of suitability.  The missing link in effective career guidance in South Africa remains the learner/student’s ability to economically, easily and effectively identify a specific field of study and occupation.  Online Career Guidance will provide individual career guidance to learner’s based on the career direction that is most suitable to them, with a comprehensive career report and planning tools that guides them into a specific career direction most suited to their ideal career orientation.

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