Marené Jooste

Cred Card

Kinderkineticist - BA MBW (NWU), BA Honn (NWU) MA Kinderkinetics (NWU), SAPIK (SA)



My name is Marene Jooste. I am married and the mother of 2 beautiful boys. I have completed a 3 year degree in Human Movement Science and obtained an Honours Degree as well as a Masters Degree in Kinderkinetics. With God’s grace (and very hard work), I graduated all 3 degrees with distinction and was selected as Kinderkineticist of the Year. I am also a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and currently serve on the board of SAPIK (the South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics) as one of 2 vice-presidents.

After my studies, I worked at Botje & Billson Optometrists to help children improve on their functional (binocular) as well as their visual-perceptual skills. In those 3 years, I have furthered my training with regards to eye muscle control and the impact it has on a child’s ability to read, learn and write. In 2008 I founded Kwanda Kinetics. This innovative centre is dedicated to providing high quality programs and services to improve physical fitness, promote healthy living and develop neuro-motor skills crucial for future scholastic achievement. We currently have 5 Kinderkinetici as part of the Kwanda family and they are all contracted as in-house Kinderkinetici at about 20 schools in the Westrand of Gauteng. In the afternoons, we provide full neuro-motoric assessments, adapted physical programs as well as reading therapy sessions (being a Wise Eye Reading Agent).

I have presented numerous workshops to more than 500 teachers in the past few years, and are passionate about educating and serving the local community. I am also an Integrated Learning Practitioner as well as a SNAP tutor for autistic children. Our centre works in conjunction with numerous professionals including but not limited to nutritionists, behavioural optometrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, rheumatologists, podiatrists, paediatricians and neurologists. Our centre is also honoured to have recently partnered with the University of Johannesburg to do more research about children's development.

I am a firm believer in the holistic outlook of a child's development and thus our centre approaches learning from this point of view. I am passionate about what I do and believe that this is one of my callings in life – to love, cherish and develop the most precious thing in the Kingdom of God – children.

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