Paulus Pilatus

Cred Card

CEO of The Niche Agency, Journalist for the Sunday Times Careers

I write under the name of Paulus Pilatus for The Sunday Times, largely because, being an advertising man, writing under my own name would be conceived as commercial self-promotion.

No youngster, I have been in recruitment advertising industry almost since inception and remain in the industry as CEO of an agency that writes and places recruitment, education and tender advertising. Qualified by experience alone, my focus is and always has been on good recruitment advertising and the role it plays in the careers and development of the youth of tomorrow and the path they choose to follow.  Parents read job ads with their children in mind and a good advert clearly outline future opportunities, particularly in the critical skills arena.

With the noticeable move from hard press advertising, my present focus is attracting the attention of young and old, in a job advertising context, given the speed with which they surf internet, be it in a social or news-search context.

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