Safety tips for children during the school holidays

safety tips for the holidays

Younger children are easier to protect as they are usually under adult supervision, but teenagers are different. Here are some safety tips to help keep them safe even when you are not with them during the holidays.

Younger children are easier to protect as they are usually under adult supervision, but teenagers are different. They might want to have their own social schedule over the holidays. Although it’s natural for them to become more independent as they grow older, there are still safety precautions parents should always have in place to ensure the safety of their children.

  • Always know where your kids are, who they will visit, how they will get there, what time they plan to be back and who will be taking them to that place.
  • Know your child’s friends and their parents, and make sure that you have their phone numbers and physical addresses.
  • Never let your child visit or stay over at a friend’s place if you haven’t been to that friend’s home yourself.
  • Remind your child to charge their phone and remember to take it with them wherever they go.
  • Check in with them once or twice during the day. When you do, pay attention to background noises, which can give a good indication of the environment they are in.
  • Have a code word between you and your child that they could message you when they need you to fetch them immediately without any questions. This will give them a way out in a situation where they are experiencing peer pressure to do something they’re not comfortable with. Although you want to teach your child to make a stand in situations like this, sometimes they need an exit safe from ridicule until they can handle it differently.

          Assure him/her beforehand that you won’t freak out when they use the code word and then stick to this.

  • Stay the parent. Although it should be a relationship with mutual respect, you are not their best friend, you are their parent, you need to make sure they are safe and sometimes that means that you will have to make unpopular decisions.

Teaching them to be safe now ultimately teaches them to one day make safe choices in adulthood!

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