How to prepare Millennials for university

How to prepare Millennials for university

Millennials have different views and needs from when their parents were in school. We take a look at how you could prepare them for life after school.

Who is Generation Y, our Millennial Generation?

Our Millennial Generation (Gen Y) is anyone born between 1977 and 2000, and are aged between 17 and 40, a large group of people. They have finished school and are either taking a GAP year, considering tertiary studies or possibly in the workforce.

Here are some interesting facts about our Gen-Y, the millennial profile:

  • They make up about 25% of the population
  • They account for 21% of the nation’s buying power
  • One in four of them are parents
  • They are avid followers of Facebook and other social media
  • They have a very distinct interest in technology

Now the question is, how do we prepare the millennial for tertiary studies at either a University or Technical and Vocational Education Training College (TVET)?

This is the first generation to have grown up in the digital era, opening up many new fields of tertiary study and career opportunities; with so many more possibilities and even further access to higher education than any previous generation.

Every generation faces new hurdles as the world changes, however the Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterised by ever evolving technology, that enhances the merging of the physical, digital and biological worlds, which has created a considerable impact on all industries. This generation is only too aware that to ensure success, they need to embrace lifelong learning.

A millennial and in fact anyone who is undertaking tertiary studies in preparation for the world of work, MUST first establish what career direction they are best suited to, based on their interests and skills. Those who want to follow the same career path as a parent, just because it is a tradition of sorts are potentially playing with their future success. Because Mom or Dad has done well as an Accountant, is absolutely no reason to study the same path. As tertiary study options expand and career opportunities evolve, there are any number of reasons why this generation would do equally as well as an Electrician, Plumber, Mechatronic Engineer or even a Drone Pilot. The difference is in the fact that if you follow a career path that is suited to you, you will excel, both at the tertiary level as well as when you finally settle into the working world.  

So find out beforehand what career path you are best suited to, there are any number of ways to do this, take a look at or do additional online research. In the process you will learn a lot about yourself, as well as be given access to a wealth of information as to what you can study and which tertiary institutions offer the relevant qualification and/or training required.

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