How to prepare Millennials for the workplace

How to prepare Millennials for the workplace

Many jobs that the Millennial Generation are preparing for do not even exist yet… So how then, do we prepare our Millennial Generation for the workplace?

This generation didn’t know a time without digital technology and are therefore not afraid to engage and embrace new technology and change in the workplace. They are a generation that believes in efficiency of effort to create impact and want to explore what else they need to learn and are therefore the ideal generation to embrace the ever increasing changes in career opportunities.

We live in a country that is crying out for good talent, particularly in the critical skills area, for a comprehensive list of the current critical skills in South Africa, go to:

Before applying for a job, learn how to prepare a professional CV - it is vitally important that you create the right fist impression. Your CV must be to the point, well presented and stand out from the crowd to increase your chances of finding that ideal job.

For tips on creating a CV go to:

So, while this generation has enthusiasm, boundless energy, untapped reserves of knowledge and are ready to embrace their career opportunity, finding a job, is not so easy. Networking, knowing people, job shadowing, visiting career pages of companies and asking questions, are all part of finding that career opportunity. Don’t wait for jobs to find you, go out and find it for yourself, but be realistic, understand that the ideal job isn’t just going to be your first job – you will need to learn and grow into the career with experience. Recognition and status will be achieved through hard work and dedication.

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