Corporate Social Investment

Momentum is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen, continuously looking for new ways to increase our impact and reach in South Africa's disadvantaged communities.

We work to improve the delivery of relevant and sustainable solutions to all our beneficiaries. Momentum plays an important role in the socio-economic development of South Africa, having established a long-standing Corporate Social Investment Programme that is aligned with our country's priorities and the Millennium Development Goals.

Our Corporate Social Investment Programme is driven by the Momentum Fund and supported by the Momentum Mighty Hearts Volunteers Programme. The activities of the Momentum Fund are governed by The MMI Foundation, which was created to generate and allocate funds to charitable organisations.

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M2E (Momentum to Excellence) Cricket Bursary Programme

As the official sponsor of One Day Cricket in South Africa, Momentum is committed to supporting cricket development and the advancement of the game for all. That is why, together with partners Cricket South Africa and the Make A Difference (MAD) Foundation, we’ve kick-started a holistic, full-investment bursary programme which offers education, leadership and life-skills development support to talented high school cricketers.

After a national search through CSA structures, the first five candidates were enrolled to the MAD Individual Programme in 2014 and look set to make the most of this opportunity. As one candidate put it: “I want to learn as much as possible. I know the future holds great things for me.” (Grant, Langenhoven Gimnasium, Oudtshoorn).

Each candidate has been assigned a mentor, and former Proteas captain Graeme Smith, will raise awareness as patron of the programme. Says Graeme: “It is a great opportunity to be part of shaping the future of our country.”

PGA Golf Learnership Programme

For the second year in a row, Momentum has added its support to accredited education provider eta College on its PGA Golf Learnership Program. Other partners include the PGA of SA and CATHSeta. The program, intended to begin a transformation of the club professional golf environment, involves 60 candidates, most of whom are caddies and include three women. All have been recruited from disadvantaged backgrounds. These candidates are enrolled for a three year national diploma following which, top graduates will be enrolled in an internship programme with the PGA leading to their full membership of the PGA of South Africa. With the qualification and practical experience in hand, candidates will hopefully be better placed to increase their earning potential as golf coaches or course managers. Because we believe in change that is sustainable, education is pivotal to all Momentum’s sports development initiatives; always with the aim of greater access to employment.

Maths Programme in Rural Mpumalanga

Momentum started its support of the Insikazi Maths Proficiency programme at Uplands Outreach in 2014. Both organisations are focused on national priorities of which Education, and in particular, Mathematics, is a key point. Youth development and skills acquisition is another.

Through Momentum’s support, Uplands Outreach has been able to conduct several significant collaborative activities – under the banner of Maths Proficiency - in the Insikazi school circuit in rural Mpumalanga. This single school circuit consists of 34 schools and 26,000 learners.

The past year Uplands has undertaken the following:

  1. Professional development of Maths teachers in the FET (15 teachers), Senior Phase (15 teachers) and Foundation phase (29 teachers). This includes the exciting new numeracy programme for 29 Grade 1 teachers called JUMP – the Junior Uplands Maths Programme.
  2. Site support visits – to assist and motivate these teachers in their classrooms.
  3. Raising the profile of Maths, and creating excitement about Maths.
  4. Supporting systemic alignment programmes in the Insikazi circuit, where we work at school leader, educator and learner levels, for coherence, and for maximum impact.

Uplands believes the proven relationship between quality education and probability of employment is such that supporting our youth should be a national priority. Momentum is proud to stand alongside them as they work towards these goals.

One of the Uplands success stories is that of the 18-year-old Manqoba Nyatsi. Manqoba is currently studying towards a Bachelor in Education (FET Phase) through UNISA. He started on the “Learners for Excellence” (L4E) Programme at Uplands Outreach in 2012 during his Grade 10 year, one of the programmes made possible by Momentum. At that point his Mathematics baseline mark was 24% - which was the average for the cohort at that time. Last year, Manqoba matriculated with a distinction (84%) in Maths, three other subject distinctions, and Top Honours in the Insikazi Circuit (4th overall).

His advice to young South Africans? “Keep your eyes on the prize. . . [your] everyday activities should include at least one step forward towards achieving dreams. Maths is not difficult, just practise! Practise! Practise! Make your dreams a reality by working hard and being pro-active.”

Mandela Day Launch

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”.

  • Nelson Mandela

We chose one of the most monumental days in the South African calendar, Mandela Day, to launch EDUCATION360° to the staff of MMI Holdings, in Centurion, South Africa.

The day was totally fitting because as we all know, one of Tata Madiba’s greatest passions was about the future of our children. Mandela believed in the power of education and one of the themes for positively impacting change on Mandela Day is Education & Literacy.

EDUCATION360° aims to make a difference through education by supporting those on their education journey and to open the gates of opportunity and success to young influencers making a difference in their communities.

The launch of EDUCATION360° made a significant difference to the education landscape and its communities. The day was all about celebrating education in South African; young people who are influencing change in our country; and our brand new platform.

The programme for the day included the launch of EDUCATION360° by Frank Magwegwe, Head of Middle Market, MMI Holdings and a showcase of some of South Africa’s young influencers. Staff were also entertained with a dance routine from Little Miss Universe, Kaylan Ferreirinho and a performance of “Is this love?”, from Manelo, a group of six singing teenagers who gained fame by entering the Pharrel Sing with Us competition. Then everyone was encouraged to “Put their foot down” against poaching. They did this by stamping their painted footprint on a canvas.

The activations on 17 July provided the exposure of young influencers and their initiatives. We also offered staff members the opportunity to get involved with these influencers in a personal capacity.

Here are some of the great, young fire-starters who inspired the crowds with their actions for change:

The 14 year old co-founder of 1 million footprints to save Africa, Monique Theron

Monique started 1,000,000 footprints to save Africa as her science survey project and it is part of the international organisation, One More Generation. The initiative creates awareness and education programmes for the youth about environmental issues facing Africa, like the extinction of the Rhino species. 1 million footprints aims to protect South Africa’s heritage and tourism by promoting rhino protection. Monique also presents the anti-poaching education programme at schools and was elected to the Youth Advisory Board of One More Generation (International).

Miss Teen Africa 2014 & Miss Teen World 2015 - Katlego Ncala

Beautiful and vibrant Katlego is part of several community service projects and creates awareness around the empowerment of the youth. Katlego volunteers at orphanages and wants to give more motivational talks to her peers. She wants to influence the youth and feels that they will hear, understand and relate to her better as she faces the same challenges as they do. She has a passion for education and moved her audiences with a speech about Mandela and why education is so important for the future of SA.

Little Miss Universe – Kaylan Ferreirinho

This little beauty queen hails from Bryanston in Johannesburg and has many talents, including modern dance. She’s supports and creates awareness for many charities and uses her reputation as Little Miss Universe to get people involved in the many community service projects she’s part of.

Building Blocks Foundation

This initiative was founded by four young individuals: Candice Sehumo, Lukhanyo Nakho, Pearl Ngoasheng and Itumeleng Mothopeng. They wanted to make a difference where they lived, in Alexander by eradicating the often hazardous and unhygienic bucket system with latter day sanitation and proper flushing toilets.

So far 14 flushing toilets have been built around Alexandra. This has become a community drive, where the people of Alexander get actively involved in making a difference in their own lives. Work is also created through the project. These four were the proud winners of the LeadSA Hero and Youth Hero awards.

WriteStart – Charl van der Merwe

Writestart was founded in 2012 by brother and sister, Charl and Ella van der Merwe after they overheard that children in many SA classrooms where sharing pencils. They realised that something as simple as a donation of one pen at a time could make such a big difference in many children’s lives and consequently their futures. They have been featured on many websites, local and regional newspapers and even have an invitation to present their story at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Charl was also chosen as LeadSA’s Gauteng Youth Hero in May 2014.

Children, Pencil Cases and the Future of South Africa

Learning, literacy and knowledge are the life-blood of the world. And that’s what EDUCATION360° exists for, to bolster education in South Africa and touch the lives of students and learners in vital ways.

Which is why, they got involved with a few Johannesburg based charities to bring light, cheer and a brighter future to children at Laezonia Primary School in Diepsloot.

Imagine not having the most basic utensils to write? Scribbling, doodling, making your mark on the world is so natural to children, yet the shocking and really sad fact is that so many children in South Africa don’t have access to even the most basic of tools.

Laezonia Primary School in Diepsloot caters for children from the nearby informal settlements, where poverty is rife. Most of the time the only meals these children get is at school. The school itself is a far cry from the type of institutions we take for granted. While it’s old brick and mortar there are no flushing loos or modern facilities. The school makes great strides to help their children by using what they’ve got. This includes building new mobile classes and growing their own veggies to supplement the school’s feeding scheme.

The people at EDUCATION360° felt that they could also lend a hand to these children and initiated a Pencil Case Drive that galvanised the support of staff at MMI in Centurion and other charitable organisations like WriteStart and Green Beings. EDUCATION360° made use of two community base organisations; St Mungo's and Beautiful Things, to get the pencil cases made. The material used was the canvas from the 1,000,000 Footprints to Save Africa drive, a conservation initiative aimed at saving wildlife in Africa. MMI Staff were then asked to donate or fill pencil cases with stationery. The drive was a huge success, culminating in the donation of 1000 filled pencil cases that were distributed at the school on 28 September 2015.

Marinda Botha, spokesperson for EDUCATION360° says that it was wonderful to see how the children’s faces lit up when they saw all the goodies packed into the cases. The children were also educated about 1,000,000 Footprints and what their pencil cases stood for: ‘that we are putting our foot down against rhino poaching.’ “The best thing is to imagine what stories, great calculations or solutions might be inspired by the instruments we gave them. At the end of the day, that’s what EDUCATION360° is all about, unlocking potential”, said Marinda.

MMI CSI 2015_2016

Innovation breakthrough to make online education resources available offline

In a path-breaking move, Paper Video and the Actuarial Society of South Africa (ASSA) have partnered with the MMI Foundation, the corporate social investment arm of MMI Holdings (MMI),  to bring online educational resources to students and teachers across South Africa, who do not have (or cannot afford) access to the internet.

The MMI Foundation, through two of MMI’s client-facing brands – Metropolitan and Momentum, has joined forces with ASSA and Paper Video, to give over 3,000 pupils in five schools across four provinces the opportunity of extra lessons and exam preparation in Grades 10, 11 and 12. The subjects covered are Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Accounting.

This  partnership opens the possibility for every school in the country to gain access to the best educational support material, expertly taught, even if they do not have internet connectivity or cannot afford the cost of data.

Paper Video, a Cape Town based social enterprise, has partnered with the Actuarial Society of South Africa since 2014, in order to make expert exam preparation resources available to learners across South Africa through the Actuarial Society Education Trust, a registered Public Benefit Organisation.

“Education remains a vital instrument for establishing an inclusive society and opening up opportunities for the youth  to realise their full potential. This is why the MMI Foundation is  committed to supporting innovative education initiatives around the country,” said Dan Moyane, Chairman of the Foundation.

Paper Video creates books of past exam papers in which every question is linked digitally to a solution video, with an experienced teacher going through the solution for that particular question, step by step.

The videos cover past exam papers over the past five years, in the four subjects across three grades.  This amounts to over 8,000 videos which contain over 500 hours of teaching.

“The most meaningful thing we can do for the youth of this country is to provide them with sufficient grounding in key subjects that will help them achieve the Matric results they need to pursue meaningful careers”, said Mike McDougall, Chief Executive Officer of ASSA.

“The big challenge of digital resources is that they are typically available online, or on a pay television channel, and most learners do not have access to the internet or cannot afford it,” said Chris Mills, product architect of Paper Video. 

“That is why we have introduced our new innovations, which do not assume internet access.”

The innovations include:

  • Micro SD cards.  This is like a small flash-drive for a phone or tablet, which enables learners to watch thousands of videos without paying a cent for data.
  • Using a USB adapter to enable the videos on the micro SD card to be viewed on a computer.
  • A “WiFi box” which contains all Paper Video content and emits its own WiFi signal to allow anyone in its radius with a smart phone, tablet or computer to watch the videos without internet.

The five schools chosen are:  the University of Johannesburg Metropolitan Academy (UJMA) in Johannesburg, Gauteng; Mbilwi Secondary in Thohoyandou, Limpopo; Khutsulani Secondary and Zikodze Secondary in Kabokweni, Mpumalanga; and Hoërskool Groblershoop in Upington, Northern Cape. MMI and Paper Video will be launching the use of the resources on the following dates:

  1. Hoërskool Groblershoop, Tuesday 23rd February
  2. UJMA, Wednesday 24th February
  3. Mbilwi Secondary, Thursday 25th February
  4. Zikodze Secondary, Wednesday 2nd March
  5. Khutsulani, Friday 4th March

Paul Maree, co-founder of Paper Video and its mathematics teacher, said all the schools would be visited to give them an introduction to the best use of the resource and ensure open channels of communication and continued support throughout the year.

“Our aim is to substantially increase the reach of expert additional teaching to as many learners as possible, through innovation and technology that is sensitive to real-life circumstances of students and teachers across South Africa,” Mr Maree said.


To set up interviews with ASSA please contact:                    To set up interviews with Paper Video please contact:


Lucienne Fild                                                                                               Sarita de Lange

Independent Communications Consultant                            Paper Video Project Manager

C +27 82 567 1533                                                                                    T +27 21 426 2222 | C +27 84 450 4502                                                                            


To set up interviews with the MMI Foundation, please contact:

Lee Moteetee                                                                                            Charlene Lackay

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About MMI Foundation (

The MMI Foundation is an independent Section 21 Company that integrates the corporate social investment initiatives of the MMI client facing brands Guardrisk, Momentum, Metropolitan, and Multiply. The Foundation was set up to distribute CSI funds to non-profit organisations and institutions working towards the development and empowerment of the broader community. The Foundation is independently run and operated focusing on achieving meaningful interventions
in the areas of health, education, disability and sport development in South Africa.

About Paper Video (

Paper Video was founded in 2014 by Chris Mills and Paul Maree as a response to the declining state of Maths and Science education in South Africa. Having both taught Maths in Khayelitsha, Chris and Paul created Paper Video driven by the belief that access to quality educators remains the biggest obstacle to the youth of South Africa receiving a meaningful education. Through the use of innovation and technology that takes into account the realities of the socio-economic status of many South Africans, Paper Video aims to do nothing less than enable every student and teacher in the country to gain easy and instant access to quality learning and training resources, irrespective of their background or access to technology and the internet.

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